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We’re Moving!

That’s right The Christian Husband blog is moving to it’s own hosted webspace…Yay! I am currently in the process of importing all posts from this blog and setting up the the new blog @ Reformed Christian Blogs.

This will be the last post created on this free blog, you can find all my new stuff and the old posts @ Reformed Christian Blogs Network


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On Monday I took our oldest son Gregory (who’s almost 3 now) to Grand Island to take a train ride on a real train. As compared to the little mini train at Stolley Park which he has ridden numerous times.

Eastern view of the Operaton Lifesaver train.

Eastern view of the Operaton Lifesaver train.

Our original plan was Gregory and I would ride the train and Vanessa and Zeke would go shopping. We wanted to take Zeke with us but weren’t sure how long it would take and didn’t want him to get too fussy. As it turns out we ended up taking him anyway and took the ride as a family. This was our first train ride as a family. This was also Vanessa’s as well as the kids very first train ride.

Gregory enjoying the view

Gregory enjoying the view

The whole event was sponsored by Operation Lifesaver to educate people about the dangers of rail crossings. They had a small presentation before we started which was very informative. I have decided that I will be taking the kids to do this again in a few more years when they can understand it a little better, as here in Nebraska we have a lot of railroad crossings and a ton of rail traffic.

Train Route

Train Route

Our route started in downtown Grand Island and through a small town called Campbell and stopping in Central City about 22 miles north-east of Grand Island. The trip to Central City we went backwards and then on our return we went forward, since they don’t turn the train around.

All in all we had a good time, and will probably do this again next year.
Vanessa & Zeke
The Family

We also happened to be riding the train with the Grand Island news crew who were doing a piece for the evening news on Operation Lifesaver. We made the news for about 30 seconds on each broadcast. Gregory made the spotlight and got a nice close up shot.

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I have not been keeping up to date on the blog here recently, at least not since our big move into the house. I thought I’d update what has been going on in my life for those that have been checking in on a regular basis.

Just Tuesday my wife and I closed on our first house together. Which is a very good part of the reason why I have not been posting regularly here lately. I guess I didn’t realize how much there really is to do when you move into a house and start to do improvements along with the normal chaos of any other move. Now that we’ve closed on the house and are a good deal settled into the house, it’s time to slow things down a notch and relax a bit before the pace gets picked back up again.

I will be making a better attempt at making some more regular posts and try to get back into the swing again. I have been trying to do some studying on theological issues and will have more to talk about once my head clears.

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Today I brought the last few items left at the apartment and did the final cleaning. I didn’t do all that much cleaning as I know they are going to take my security deposit and will pay someone to come in and clean the place anyway. I’m also not going to do them (property manager) any favors, since they wouldn’t do me any favors let alone take care of their responsibilities.

Now I am just glad that the move is over (for a few months), and I don’t have to deal with that horrible place anymore. Now I can concentrate on getting ready to move into my new house.

Yesterday we spent half the day looking at carpet for the basement of our house. We will probably get carpet in the main, family room and up the set of stiars going to and from the basement. A small strip of vinyl for the newly repaired side entry, once we decide on what kind of vinyl we want there. Hopefully there will be enough budget with HDC to carpet the second bedroom/office downstairs as well.

I am also really looking forward to going to church this weekend. Due to our emergency move, I have missed my last off-weekend to go to church. That means I haven’t been to church service in 3 weeks so I am ready to get back to my normal schedule, which is only every other week.

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Over the last week or so, since our sudden move began, I’ve had a sudden realization, a wake up call. I’ve had the realization that over the last 6 months since I have been in the control room at my job that I’ve gotten way out of shape. Originally when I first started there I would walk anywhere from 3 to 7 miles a day. This I know because I would wear a pedometer to work every day to see how much I was doing. Now that I’m in the control room, I’m lucky if I walk 100 yards all day, besides the walk to and from my car.

Over the last week since I started moving all this furniture, I’ve continually found myself out of breath and tired. Also added to that is the fact that I had just quit smoking about 2 years ago and the excercise I was getting when I first started was taking off most of the weight I put on after I quit smoking. Now I’ve put that back on and few more pounds.

It’s now time for me to wake up and smell the coffee and renew my YMCA membership and get back to the gym. If not just for myself but for my kids, so I can be healthy enough to see them grow up. Not that I have any real control over how long I’ll live or anything but why add another risk factor for my health.

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The Last Straw

We are about two months away from closing on our new (wonderful) first home. Meanwhile we are living in our apartment that is falling apart at the seams. From the first month we moved into this apartment we have asked the landlord/property management company to fix our front door. Sometime before we moved in the door was kicked in, and instead of replacing the door jam as they should have done, they just placed some screws to hold it in place. The door is still not fixed after two years of repeated requests to repair it. Not only is the door in serious disrepair but, it is so weakened that a child could easily kick the door in even with the deadbolt engaged. Also the door is so damaged that it leaks cold outside air in very badly. The last straw came the other day when we had a small blizzard with winds around 30-40mph with some heavy snow. We noticed that not only was there massive amounts of air coming in through the door jam but there was now snow blowing in as well.

The other things that our landlord refuses to fix: Our electric stove is about 15+ years old and the burners are shot, and only work occassionally/sporadically, the carpet is at least 10 years old and there is absolutely no padding whatsoever. The landlord refuses to de ice the sidewalk in front of our apartment or any other for that matter. To top that all off, our landlord raised our rent by $15 two months ago.

Our close friend offered to let us live in her basement for the next two months while we wait to close on our house. So, now we are in the process of moving our things once again and probably will be living out of boxes for the next couple months.

We have been wanting to get out of this apartment for a number of months now, and we were hoping to be able to close on our new house sooner; however this is a blessing in disguise. It will be a pain to live out of boxes for two months, and I don’t want to have to move twice, but it beats living in that horrendous apartment.

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First off I would like to apologize to all those who have faithfully read my blog and have wondered where I have been these last few months and what I’ve been doing.

I took a break from the blog to deal with some issues that have arisen. God has been working in my life on certain issues. One of these issues has been what to believe in regarding the Calvinist viewpoint versus the Arminianist view and where do my beliefs fit in the spectrum. I have been struggling with this issue for the last 6 months to a year. Just a few months ago however after much study, meditation and discussion with my wife, I decided that I cannot let my pride, or self-centered nature prohibit me from knowing God’s true nature and His will. I could no longer deny the truth about God’s grace and my depravity, nor could I deny His electon of me into The Kingdom of Heaven.

This has been the hardest thing to come to terms with that I have encountered since being changed forever by Christ. For the longest time I held fast to the belief that somehow my “free will” either stood on equal grounds with God’s will or that somehow I could choose God. I had to come to a realization that we do have a will of our own however that will was tainted when Adam fell into sin. I also had to come to a realization that God foreknew me and predestined me to be one of His children, not based upon anything I did or didn’t do. Since then I have had an amazingly clear perspective on my life, on God, and His word, and His sovereign will in my life and the world in general. I’ve also had an even more amazing sense of gratitude since this realization than when I first believed. Everyday I wake up feeling so blessed that He chose me.

I will post more shortly on this subject specifically and go into much more detail then.

Some other things that have been happening in my life:

  • God has blessed us with a beautiful healthy baby boy on August 4, 2008, Ezekiel James. He is now 5 months old and just learning to roll over and eating his first solid foods.
  • God has blessed us with our first home. We are due to close on the house when all the renovations are done in/around mid March.
  • After much research, trial, and experimenting we have found out what our 2 year old son’s digestive problem has been. Originally we thought it to be Gluten intolerance or Celliac’s Disease; however after further research and some dietary experimentation, we’ve discovered that he’s Fructose intolerant.
  • We have a major trip planned to visit my family in California in February of 2009. My parents have payed for all of us to come visit, and we have a huge itinerary scheduled for the whole week.

Anyway this is what has been going on in my life over the last 6 months. I will be back to blogging at least on a more regular basis.

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