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sickOver the last couple of weeks it seems that the illnesses have just piled on in the family. I have been suffering from a nasty cold(which normally isn’t a big deal). However last week I had to get wet at work in 40 degree weather, which I don’t think has helped my illness at all. My wife and I just went to the doctor yesterday and I found out not only do I have a cold but I have the flu, which caused me to get an ear infection and strep throat. Now I’m out of work for at least a week(which is very hard to deal with). I have felt so helpless the last week, my faith is about the only thing that has kept me going.My wife hasn’t felt very good the last few weeks either. For the last 8 years or so she has dealt with chronic pain. All the doctors, family, even friends have just told her to “suck it up” or “just deal with it”. Over the last few weeks her chronic pain has escalated to the point where she hasn’t been able to function at all. She’s spent at least 3 days in bed miserable. Most of the time she is in a fog. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and we decided that we’d go get a full lab done to find out what is wrong. What makes it harder though is she is 15 weeks pregnant and is severely limited by what medications she can take to manage her pain.

This has been doubly stressful for me, being sick and weak and trying to take care of our toddler. I feel so helpless a lot of the time about my wife’s chronic pain. The only thing I know that I can do is to be there by her side through whatever happens, and to fervently pray for her. I have been praying several times a day for guidance or peace in our time of adversity. I know God will guide us through this but waiting is so hard.

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